Friday, July 18, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Series Two: Purty Pictures

Here's another pack from the Fairfield Co. repack. The only 2007 UD cards I have are the Orioles team set, but I love the simple design and crisp photography, so a pack of this set is always welcome. The cover boy is Derek Jeter. Bleah.

723 Mike Lamb - The photo is from the 2005 World Series, oddly enough. Check out the bunting and the WS patch on A. J. Pierzynski behind the plate.

579 Kyle Snyder - How does a guy with a career ERA near 6.00 get rescued from Kansas City by the Red Sox?

777 Jeff Kent - If this card were a slot machine, I think it would be a jackpot.,1099161460,4.jpg
843 Doug Mientkiewicz - Ah, Dougie Alphabet.

905 Mike Thompson - First-year starting pitcher with the Padres. His glove has "A2000" printed on it. At first glance it looked like "AROOO". I thought he was a werewolf, maybe.

828 Scott Schoeneweis - This is the "impossible to spell" pack.

691 Neifi Perez - I Googled "Neifi Perez sucks". His YTMND page is a letdown.

672 Garrett Atkins - I've lost track of him since he's not on my fantasy team this year. Seems he's about on pace with his good numbers last year, except he doesn't like walks any more.

What a pack full of meh. But it's pleasant to look at. Next time...GOUDEY!

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