Monday, July 28, 2008

2008 Topps Co-Signers

What the hey? What's the el-cheapo pack ripper, despiser of overpriced gimmick sets doing opening a pack of Co-Signers?? Well, good readers of A Pack A Day, I have a weakness. My weakness is stuff on sale. You see, when Co-Signers first came out, it retailed at $10, so it hit the shelves at $11 a pack. I saw it priced at $12 and higher for a while, then it dipped back down to $10, and finally settled in at $9. Then last weekend I saw a dusty neglected box with a price tag of $7. That's like, almost half of $12! What a BARGAIN! Never mind that I hate the product on moral grounds and would choke at paying $7 for any other pack, it was on sale and I had to get one. So here it is, the product of my weakness. Enjoy my shame.

033 Curtis Granderson
069 Brian McCann
022 Hunter Pence/Carlos Lee blue foil #156/250
111 Felipe Paulino bronze autograph #175/400
092 Jermaine Dye
062 Alfonso Soriano

Well, I got an autograph... of a rookie... who is on the DL... and has a 7.11 career ERA... But he could "impact the Astros rotation before the end of the year" according to CBS Sportsline. Then again an impact completely wiped out the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago so take that as you will. I also got a thick blue foil numbered parallel of Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee. I thought there was supposed to be only one thick card in each pack? I got a mutant pack. I probably bought this pack out from under some poor kid who is an Astros fan and collects Co-Signers, didn't I? Great, now I feel shame AND guilt. Not too guilty though because I pulled a Brian McCann card. Oh, how I love B-Mac. And what happened? Shane Victorino creams him on a play at the plate and scrambles his brains. Now I get to watch Corky Miller catch for the Bravos. DEATH MILD DISCOMFORT FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME TO SHANE VICTORINO!!! Helmet to helmet contact is a fifteen yard penalty in the NFL, dammit.


Wax Heaven said...

Please send me the Hunter and any other nice ones you might have in the Braves trade.


capewood said...

I heard about the collision at the plate in Phillies/Braves game from a coworker this morning. She couldn't remember which Philly was involved. My thought was it had to be the Flyin' Hawaiian.