Friday, July 18, 2008

2007 Topps Chrome: Cheapie Shelf Empty

After picking the shelves clean at Target, I've got the last of my Chrome packs to share.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
205 Jim Thome (Remember toys made by the company Tomy, pronounced the same way as Jim's name? I don't remember having any, but I recall one of my de facto childhood playmates, a kid of my mom's friend, having many of these. They were usually weird robots and wind-up stuff, often somehow indistinctly, yet undeniably less violent than the toys I owned, and therefore less fun. Somehow I think that if Jim Thome swallowed a quarter, it would be much harder to retrieve it than it would from this guy.)

217 Brett Myers

85 Carl Crawford Refractor (A basic rule of thumb is that the more a card has going on, the more bells and whistles it has, the weirder it scans. Refractors, however, tell this conventional wisdom to take a flying fock, as they scan beautifully. Any optics experts out there who would care to explain?)

304 Jose Garcia (RC)

Not a bad pack. I'm still trying to decide if this edition is better than this year's. As other APAD contributors have pointed out, two inserts per four-card-pack makes set-building a difficult proposition. If it's inserts and parallels you're after, then 2008 is for you.


dayf said...

I loooooooove refractors. They are the only chrome cards that scan worth a flip.

William said...

I actually have that robotic bank. The eBay auction title says "vintage"...I think that word is being thrown around a little too haphazardly these days.