Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lucky 13

The good news: I'm back from vacation. You didn't even know I was on vacation did you? Ha ha. I'm so sneaky. Anyway, I'm back and I have packs. (and cards, and autographs. just gimme about an hour to get a post up)

The bad news: I'm exhausted from the trip. I got a bunch of packs in front of me waiting to be ripped and posted, but I don't know which to do first.

In no particular order the packs I have are:
1988 Pacific Eight Men Out
35 cards for $1.99 junk blister
2006 Bowman
2007 Fleer
2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes
2003 Fleer Double Header
2007 Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary
1998 Bowman Series 1
1999 Bowman Series 1
1995 Finest
2005 Ultra
2003 Fleer Patchworks
2008 Upper Deck Artifacts


Post in the comments which pack you'd like opened first. I'll rip 'em in the order you post. Yep, I'm totally crapping all over Thorzul's Choose Your Own Pack Adventure and Chris Harris' Dirty Dozen but I have cards to send them so they'll get over it. First post in the comments, first pack ripped. Second post, second pack and so on. This is the next two weeks of A Pack A Day from me except for the inevitable Allen & Ginter "I spent the night in front of the card shop waiting for the UPS truck to arrive" first pack opening. Choose wisely.

Oh, and the blog has been quite vigorous in my absence. Good job everybody! Keep it up or I'll buy a case of 1990 Fleer Football and open that stuff exclusively on this blog for a solid year.

The Results So Far:

Pack 1: 1999 Bowman Series 1
Pack 2: 2008 Upper Deck Artifacts
Pack 3: 2007 Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary
Pack 4: 35 cards for $1.99 junk blister WITH ESPN CARD ON TOP!
Pack 5: 2003 Fleer Double Header
Pack 6: 2003 Fleer Patchworks
Pack 7: 1995 Finest
Pack 8: ?????

Keep making those choices, 6 packs to go...


Chris Harris said...

'99 Bowman. Only because it's also in the Dirty Dozen.

Captain Canuck said...

2008 Upper Deck Artifacts

c'mon Roach!

Steve Gierman said...

I'm not picking the pack you'd think I'd pick. Star Wars 30th Anniversary.

deal said...

Junk Blister especially if there is an ESPN card on top.

William said...

2003 Fleer Double Header -- just because I like to make people waste their time.

Unknown said...

2003 Fleer Patchworks

Alex said...

1995 Finest