Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dirty Dozen: 1999 Bowman Series One

I had a nightmare last night involving a dungeon, water-based lubricant, and John Olerud in a C-3PO costume. Right now, seven packs into this 12-pack experiment, I am not "better feeling."

I need a break from all these bad waxpacks. 1999 Bowman Series One has never let me down. I ripped a pack of this stuff three months ago during the 20-for-$40, and it didn't suck (that much). This might be what I need.

Scott Schoenweis
"Overcame Tommy John surgery and a bout with cancer while at Duke."

Jeff Yoder
"Won 71% of his decisions in 1996 for a team that won only 49% of its other games."

Jason Conti
"Pronounced Cont-eye ... Given name is Stanley -- named for Stan Musial."

Clayton Andrews
"Has not committed an error in his three professional seasons."

Raul Mondesi
"Weight-room workouts helped him to nearly double his HRs (16 in 1994 to 30 in 1997 and '98) ... Has growing rep for championship-style leadership."

Jason Rakers
"Attended University of Pittsburgh before transferring to New Mexico State."

Jorge Posada
"Long blessed with excellent hitting skills, Posada blossomed in 1998, smashing .357 against lefties and becoming the top catcher on one of history's greatest teams."

Rusty Greer
"Known as a contact hitter early on, Greer gradually improved his power, culminating with 26 HRs and a move to the third spot in the order in 1997."

Fernando Seguignol
"Acquired from Yankees in straight-up deal for relief whiz John Wetteland in 1994."

International (one-per-pack): Trevor Hoffman
"Hoffman suffered from mechanical problems early in 1997, but he has since been unhittable, converting 80 of his last 82 save opportunities."

No John Olerud's! That's a relief.


William said...

Fernandon Seguignol...if you gave me $1 for every rookie I have of him, you'd be giving me a Benjamin. He's had more "prospect" and "star rookie" cards than anyone in the history of mankind.

Mike S said...

Any pack with Rusty Greer is a clear winner. ;)