Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dirty Dozen: 1998 Circa Thunder

The twelfth pack of twelve is of 1998 Circa Thunder. Let's rip!

One cool thing about Circa -- well, other than the tripped out designs -- are the backs. On the back of each card is a quote from either the player, or about the player.

Denny Neagle
"I'm the type of guy who gets so worked up for a game, I like to take myself away from it. I don't want to think about it all day."
-- Denny Neagle on his pregame ritual of going to the movies. Associated Press, 7/29/97

John C-3POlerud
"I didn't know what to expect [playing in New York]. But I just had a great experience. The reception I got from the fans was great."
-- John C-3POlerud, AP, 11/25/97
Edgardo Alfonso
"The way he moves and his throw remind me of Brooks Robinson. The ball goes in his glove, he collects himself and makes the throw."
-- Mets Manager Bobby Valentine,

Reggie Sanders
"He's been working so hard, and he's got a great attitude as far as what he's trying to do."
-- Reds Coach Dennis Menke, Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/22/97

Chipper Jones
"My only goal... is just to be one-ninth of the equation that hopefully gets us back to the World Series."
-- Chipper Jones,

Brian Johnson
"I'm going up aggressively anyway because sometimes aggression breaks a pitchers' concentration."
-- Brian Johnson, San Francisco Examiner, 9/25/97

David Wells
"I love pressure situations , and I can handle it with the best of them."
-- David Wells, AP, 10/15/97

Alan Benes
"He's the type of guy who can go out and throw a no-hitter every five days because he throws the ball so hard and because of his breaking pitches."
-- Former Cardinals pitcher Andy Benes, AP, 5/18/97
Well, there you have it. 12 packs, five different C-3POleruds, and a grand total of eleven cards that I actually needed for my sets.

So we return to the beginning. Did this make me "better feeling?" Ripping wax always makes me feel better -- and this exercise was no exception. But I was a little disappointed in the final results. Maybe I should have ripped mid-90s wax? (foreshadowing)

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