Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1989 Topps

I've got a lot of newfangled packs to rip this week, so I'm taking a quick breather to open up something old. You gotta remember to go back to your roots occasionally in this business, or you'll go mad. I picked up this pack in the junk box that netted me the Erstad jersey. I also got a pretty good pack of Ultra in it too, but no one's voted for it on my Lucky 13 post, so I guess you guys don't want to see it. You can vote twice you know...

Topps Company Store - Deluxe Quality Binder
433 Albert Hall
156 Dave Gallagher
149 Doug Dascenzo
623 Fred Toliver
23 Mike Fitzgerald
171 Braves LEaders
76 Terry Blocker
631 Dave Bergman
354 Larry Parrish
37 Bob Stanley
696 Don August
245 Jim Rice
642 Argentis Salazar
238 Eric King
761 Dante Bichette

On my deathbed I may have many regrets, but the most bitterly painful one will be failing to pony up the $10.60 for the Deluxe Quality Topps Binder.

Gotta love three Braves in the pack even though they all suuuuuuck. If that was Mark Lemke on the Braves leaders card standing next to Andres Thomas it would be way cool, but alas, I think it's Tommy Gregg. The back of Albert Hall's card mentions the cycle he hit on 9-23-87, which is the only thing anyone ever remembers about his surprisingly long career with the Braves. This is how obscure he is: Albert's Baseball-Reference.com page doesn't come up until page twelve of a Google search for "Albert Hall". I'm just trying to restrain myself from finding a hole punch so I can see how many holes it takes to fill his card. Jim Rice is the undisputed king of the pack, this time next year he will probably be inducted into the Hall of Fame. His is a great looking card too. There's a lot of strange looking photos in this pack. Doug Dascenzo doesn't look all there. Fred Toliver is trying to block something chucked right at his face. Dave Bergman is chillin' in the batting cage. Argenis Salazar had no earthly idea someone was taking his photo. The pack finishes up with an awesome Dante Bichette rookie card. Check out those rookie eyebrows. This card has to be worth something. A buffalo nickel, a canceled three cent stamp, a gumball, something. I don't think I can live in a world where a Dante Bichette rookie card isn't worth at least a gumball.

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Kevin said...

Reference to "A Day in the Life"? This is why you're the king.

BTW, does the guy next to Andres Thomas have a giant unibrow? If so, that's Tommy Gregg for sure. Poor ugly hump.