Wednesday, February 11, 2009

P and C Contest 2009 - Pack 3

This is the third pack of the contest designed to take your mind off of spring baseball and let you focus on important things. The first two packs had six pitchers and six catchers and a total IP of 7965.67. Also six managers. The third pack will try to keep on trucking:

Moises Alou
Moisty has played all three outfield positions, but no C or P.

Brett Tomko
A classic shot of the ball headed towards the camera. I'd like to see someone do a complete pitching motion stop-action sequence using baseball cards. I know it can be done. Tomko has has 1741 IP in the bigs.

Carlos Tosca
The manager conga line continues. Tosca is the rarest of rare: a MLB manager that never played in the big leagues. Here we see Tosca make his Spitting Iguana face at an umpire.

Rafael Furcal
Raffy certainly has the arm for P or C, but has never had to do it.

Eric Gagne - Season Highlights
His 2003 line is ridonkulous. 82.33 IP, 137 K. Whip: 0.692. The wheels may have fallen off in the last couple years, but my god that was a beautiful performance to behold. Career IP for Gagne: 643.67

Yadier Molina
One of the Catching Molina Brothers. None have pitched in the bigs.

Matt Creighton
Never made the big leagues.

Mike Hargrove
When will the manager torrent end?! Hargrove was called The Human Rain Delay. If MLB would open up their old footage for free, I'd be able to link to video showing you why he earned this appellation. Instead, I have to link to this mad genius and tell you to go to the 1:54 mark. That's as good as I can do, folks. Anyone with a link to footage of a Hargrove atbat, let us know in the comments. Mike was a 1B/LF for 12 seasons. He was ROY in '74 and and All-Star in 75.

Juan Uribe
Mostly a shorstop. Played one game in centerfield. What wouldn't I give to play one game in centerfield for a major league team?

Manny Ramirez
Can't you just picture Man-Ram behind the plate? Forgetting signals, not noticing runners stealing. It would be a hoot. But no. Never happened.

That's two more pitchers and one more catcher, for a total of fifteen after three packs. Total IP: 9789. Sidenote: managers and pitchers are currently tied at eight. Catchers are lagging at seven.

No more guesses, ladies and gentleman. I will now review all submitted guesses and post a comment below about them. Good luck, everyone. Whoever wins better have a creative use for all the manager cards.

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skoormit said...

The guesses ranged from 11 to 41 for total pitchers and catchers, and from 1,400 to 45,000 for total IP. Several people thought that the IP number was supposed to be innings pitched in 2008 only. No worries, though, because only a few people came in tied with someone else for total P and C, and all those people had reasonable IP guesses.