Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1987 Topps

The contest may be over, but I still have repack wax to rip.
1987 Topps is my favorite set from the Overproduction Era, perhaps because it was the first year I started collecting in earnest. I no longer have my original collection, but I'm certain I bought at least 2000 cards of 1987 topps, one wax pack at a time. I never did finish the set; Steve Ontiveros eluded me.

Cardinals Leaders - Mike LaValliere and some pitcher. The Wizard of Oz in the background, toeing the dirt.
Todd Worrell--Record Breaker - This was one of my favorite cards at the time. Something about the drama of the photo, and the fact that Worrell was like the best rookie closer ever.
Mike Birkbeck
Mike Woodard
Roy Smalley
Willie Hernandez
A's Leaders - Tony Larussa, Mickey Tettleton, Carney Lansford and a random coach discussing what to buy for a wedding gift.
Frank Williams
Joe Orsulak
Dave Collins
George Brett - This is one for the HOF binder. Fun game: find the Topps cards with the most stats italicized. I will probably turn this into a contest to run on EX-MT, so keep your best finds secret. This Brett card has fourteen italicized entries. Easy to top, I believe.

Rich Gossage - Back-to-back HOFers, although this one can also go in the Smile binder.
Doug Drabek
Jose Uribe
Gene Mauch
Denny Walling - I'm thinking of starting a donut binder. Just because.
Dan Pasqua

The scanner cut off the top of most of these. The perfectionist in me says to redo them. Or at least he would if I hadn't strangled him years ago.


Cuntry Trash said...

A donut binder would be interesting... I'd like to see someone put together a 'swinging with eyes closed and mouth open' binder. I have a small stack of those cards and they always crack me up.

zman40 said...

Nice, a Gene Mauch. He was the most famous non-astronaut born in my hometown until Pat Meares broke into the big leagues. Now, it is all about the Cowboys Terrence Newman.

skoormit said...

@Scab: Maybe not a full binder of donut cards. Maybe just one of those 10-page 4-pocket binders.

@zman40: Gene Mauch > George Murdock?

zman40 said...

George Murdock?? The BSG guy? I had never heard of him until two minutes ago. Definitely Gene Mauch.