Saturday, August 22, 2009

2007 Ultra

I was saving this pack from the repack for next to last, because I like Ultra and I did not open a lot of it when it was out.
Brandon Webb - Ordinarily this would be a great pull for me, but look at the ding along the top of this card. The scan doesn't quite capture the gnarliness.
A ding like that on a full bleed card is a killer. I'll have to think of a good use for this card, since that ding will stick out in a binder like a leftfielder with dreadlocks.
J.D. Drew
Trevor Hoffman - Somehow I didn't know that he started his career with the Marlins.
Alex Rios - Anyone who completed the A&G State Flags set last year will know that Rios is a Bama Boy. I still can't believe that Topps chose Rios as the Bama representative. Jake Peavy wasn't available? Matt Cain? Delmon Young? Josh Willingham?
Elijah Dukes--Lucky 13 - If I understand this subset correctly, it's a 13-card SP rookie subset. Meh. Seems contrived.

A ding, a Drew, the future HOFer Hoffman, a Bama Boy, and a Lucky Elijah. I have to call that a successful pack.

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