Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 5

Kevin Seitzer - Do not adjust your monitor. You are not experiencing deja vu. This is, in fact, the third time Seitzer has led off a pack so far. I got this lot of ten packs off of eBay for $0.99 from a seller that appears to be serving as a reseller for personal collections. I suspect some 30-ish collector came in with the cellos with stars on the front that he had been saving since he was a kid. I vividly remember walking home from the corner store once with a 1988 Score wax pack which I had thoroughly inspected and had determined that the last card was a Star Rookie of none other than Vicente Palacios. My plan was to save that pack for twenty or so years and then sell it for a fortune. I still have it. Let's start the bidding at ten grand.
Jose Guzman (P.R.) - Uh oh. I fear another Dupe Parade.
Dave Smith (San Fran)
Tom Henke - All-Star -- Floating head = scan.
Cory Snyder (Inglewood) - Just stroked a line drive to the opposite field.
Scott Bradley
Dave Meads
Chris Bosio (Carmichael, CA)
Andre Dawson - Good looking card of the Hawk. Eleven years with the 'spos, then goes to the Cubs and belts 49 dingers. I wonder if he will ever get into the Hall?
Tim Wallach - All-Star -- Expos representing.
Bud Black (San Mateo, CA)
Terry Pendleton (L.A.) - Looks like he's trying to do long division in his head.
Ken Oberkfell - This one's for you, dayf.
Keith Atherton
Scott McGregor (Inglewood)
Jamie Moyer - The gum apparently fell in love with Moyer in their twenty-one years together. The two refused to part ways. The gum took some of the card back with it. I'm showing you the front instead. It's neat to open a pack this old and pull a card of an active player. I wonder if they called him crafty back then? Or could he actually break glass with his fastball?
Jack Howell
Tracy Jones (Hawthorne, CA)
Phil Lombardi - New mini collection idea: catchers taking off their masks.
Ed Nunez (P.R.)
John Tudor
Wally Backman
Joe Price (Inglewood)
Chris Brown
Bill Wegman
Dave Stewart (Oakland) - Really, Topps? Taking a knee in his warmup jacket in Spring Training? With his face in shadow? That's the best picture you had of Smoke Stewart?
Brian Dayett
Jesse Orosco (Santa Barbara) - Most games played, career. If Eddie Guardado can get another 353 games in, he gets the record.
Mark McLemore (San Diego)
Steve Henderson


Cali - 11
World - 2
Cali overflows my flatbed scanner and busts the game wide open. Heck, Inglewood beat out the World in this pack. The score is now Cali 30, World 15. No Bama Boys. We need Andy to finish his math homework and let us know what the odds are we'll find a Bama Boy at all in the remaining five packs.


Captain Canuck said...

Ken Oberkfell was bad... man he was bad...

Andy said...

Well that's an interesting comment.

I ain't doing that math homework you assigned. I can do it...I got an A in Stats and Probability...I'm just not doing it.