Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 10! The Winner is...

Here's the finale. Let's see who takes home the goods.

Pete Rose
Dick Williams
Vince Coleman - So. Much. Speed.
Barry Lyons - This is what passes for an action shot in '88 Topps.
Chris James
Ed Hearn - Return of Chalksmoke
Dale Sveum (Richmond, CA)
Ryne Sandberg - Only the best 2B ever. Okay, maybe not quite, but still in the Hall.
Steve Bedrosian - Bedrock was the foundation of my roto relief corps back in the day. He won a Cy Young in '87--a rare feat for a reliever.
Rick Aguilera (San Gabriel, CA)
Jeff Hamilton
Jimy Williams
Frank Williams
Bobby Valentine - Fourth manager in the pack.
Mike Dunne - Rookie Cup = scan.
Checklist #4
Mike Pagliarulo
Chuck Jackson
Bob Boone (San Diego)
Albert Hall (B'ham, AL) - Bama Boy! And a Birmingham native to boot. Yahtzee! Hall was a big league scrub for nine seasons with the Braves. He cracked 100 OPS+ just once, and finished with a career mark of 81 in 910 PA. Fun fact: On September 23, 1987, he became the first Atlanta Brave to hit for the cycle.
Jay Aldrich
Dennis Eckersley (Oakland) - It's kind of like his rookie card, since it's the first card after he converted to a reliever.
Rick Rhoden
Rafael Ramirez (D.R.) - Yes! Raffy was my fave Brave back then. I've never forgiven Andres Thomas for taking his position.
Rob Ducey (Toronto)
John Smiley - More like John Scowley.
Rick Reuschel
Dave Anderson


Cali - 4
World - 2
The final score of the contest is Cali 56, World 33. Cali wins by 23. The closest guess was submitted by Zach Mills, who had Cali winning by 14. Zach, you have an email from me asking for you to name your team so that I can put your prize package together. I'll post the package to EX-MT in the next couple days so that the rest of you can see what you missed out on.


William said...

First Zach Mills nearly ruins my alma mater Nittany Lions, then he wins this contest.

zman40 said...

Thanks skoormit!