Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 8

Mike Schmidt - Only the best 3B ever.
Moose Haas - One of the best names ever.
Tim Teufel
Joey Cora (P.R.) - Older brother of Alex. They were born ten years apart. Joey played in the bigs from '87 to '98; Alex took over in '98 and is still active.
Ed Lynch
Ellis Burks - The Sons of Sam Horn rejoice.
Johnny Grubb - A good name for a villain, methinks.
Billy Bean (Santa Ana, CA) - Not Billy Beane, or I would have my second card in as many packs of a GM as a player. Instead, I have a card of the second player to come out to his team while in the big leagues.
Lenn Sakata
Chuck Crim (Van Nuys, CA)
Chet Lemon
Terry Kennedy
Jody Davis - Trying his hardest in front of nearly empty stands.
Greg Harris (Lynwood, CA)
Don Aase (Orange, CA)
Eddie Williams - A smile card scan for the ladies.
Bob Melvin (Palo Alto, CA) - Future DBacks manager. He was scapegoated for the Snakes' miserable performance this year. Also: Birmingham on the Back.
Dennis Rasmussen (L.A.)
Joe Boever
Jose Uribe (D.R.)
Fred Toliver
Scott Fletcher - Baby Dirtsmoke.
Brad Arnsberg
George Frazier
Alfredo Griffin (D.R.)
Brian Fisher
Dave Lopes - Stole 47 bases for the Cubs in 1985, sill the MLB record for most by a player age 40 or over.
Tim Crews


Cali - 6
World - 3
The score stands at Cail 49, World 26, with one Bama Boy. Two packs left before we find out who wins the fabulous prizes.


Andy said...

Who was the first player to come out? I had always thought that Bean was the first.

skoormit said...

Glenn Burke. He also invented the high five, according to that wiki article. Who knew?