Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 7

Wally Joyner - Run Wally!
Ed Hearn - Chalksmoke > Dirtsmoke.
Ed Olwine
Reid Nichols
Tim Teufel
Jamie Quirk (Whittier, CA)
Mike Stanley
Cecil Cooper
Bob Forsch (Sacramento)
Fred Manrique (Venezuela)
Todd Worrell (Arcadia, CA)
Joel Skinner (La Jolla, CA) - This pack is so bad that Joel appears to be attempting to smash his way out of the card so as to avoid being a part of it.
Floyd Rayford
Dale Sveum (Richmond, CA)
Jeff Russell - Jeff is LOL at how bad this pack is.
Larry Herndon
Wes Gardner
Ron Robinson (Exeter, CA)
Frank Viola - Finally, some Sweet Music.
Paul Noce (San Fran)
Mike Easler
Wally Ritchie (Glendale, CA)
Ken Williams (Berkeley, CA) - This is the very first card I have of a future MLB GM as a player. In fact, I don't think I've seen one of another GM. Also: Birmingham on the Back.
Mark Ciardi
Ken Phelps
Nolan Ryan - Only the Ryan Express could save this pack from utter decrepitude.
Dave Dravecky - The whole hat looks like an airbrush job. I think it's a metaphor for how lousy this pack is.
Larry Sheets


Cali - 9
World - 1
Cali erases any doubt of their eventual victory. The only question is what the final margin will be. We currently stand at Cali 43, World 23, with one Bama Boy.


Captain Canuck said...

No 'bama boys.. I'm telling ya.. that last pack was a pinch hitter.

skoormit said...

I've already shown irrefutable proof that the '89 pack was in the original set. You'd have to think that I opened and logged all of these before I posted the first one, AND that I had a spare '89 Topps Cello laying around, AND that I took the picture first, then opened it and found out it had a Bama Boy. Or maybe I had a bunch of '89 Cellos, and I kept taking pictures and ripping packs until I hit a Bama Boy. Ah, forget it, I'm going to start talking to Ocean here.