Saturday, January 31, 2009

1981 Topps baseball

I found a random, loose pack of 1981 Topps [$1.00] - didn't know it what year it was and had to look closer at the wrapper for any sort of year. Ironically I was going to pick up a Harold Baines rookie card and also a Tim Raines [multiplayer] rookie card for $0.50 each, but it went to this pack instead.

It is still 'junk wax,' but a little older than 1987 Topps or 1988 Donruss, so it has that going for it - if absolutely nothing else. Maybe I'd pull a 'star card,' worth $1.00 or so. The 1981 Topps set was sandwiched between Topps sets with a couple of 'true' key rookie cards [Rickey Henderson in 1980 and Cal Ripken Jr. in 1982].

I picked up the pack 'as is,' meaning it may or may not have been resealed - the cards were facing the other direction with the 29 year old stick of gum infront of the pack.

Going from the first card at the bottom facing me - I have to flip the card over to see what number it is.

#502 Chris Bourjos, Al Hargersheimer and Mike Rowland [Giants Future Stars] - Bourjos' son Peter plays for the Angels' farm system, while Bourjos is currently a scout.

#646 Marvis Foley
#525 Mike Torrez

#356 George Stablein, Craig Stimac and Tom Tellmann [Padres Future Stars]
#346 Larry Christenson
#564 Ron Hassey
#399 Mike Boddicker, Mark Corey and Floyd Rayford [Orioles Future Stars]

#144 Allen Ripley

Hit to Win game card - I'm sort of fascinated by promotional cards and non-player filler cards, especially if they are a little more 'animated.'
#270 Greg Luzinski
#378 Dave Rader
#481 Bob Lacey
#246 Ed Ott

#195 Rich Murray - brother of Eddie

#700 George Brett - I'm overtly paranoid with busting any packs and wonder if this card was planted in this pack. The card is off-center, though it is an all-star/Hall of Fame player.

#490 Eddie Murray - along with Brett, another all-star type who actually got to the Hall of Fame. It is a coincidence I find his card in the same pack with his brother's.

29 year old stick of gum - I'm almost tempted to chew the nice, pink, intact stick.


stusigpi said...

So not resealed. Great pack.

Unknown said...

1981 Topps can never be a junk pack, so long as each card has one of those beautiful caps on it.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Vintage not junk and legit not resealed. The Murray books for $2 and the Brett for $3.50 so you quintupled your investment.

night owl said...

That's called ending with a bang.

Andy said...

The Murray card looks to have Dan Graham, #37, in the background, making that a 1980 photo.