Sunday, January 04, 2009

1992 Topps Baseball

Here's a rack pack of one of my favorite sets, '92 Topps. It was definitely a turning point for The Real One. No more gray cardboard. No more gum. Full color backs. Also in '92, Topps unleashed a plague upon the hobby now known as parallel gold foil stamped cards. Thanks for that by the way, Topps. I agree with Mario @ Wax Heaven. Parallel cards are duplicates for dummies. Anyway, here we go, 45 cards... will we get a Manny rookie? Only one way to find out...

For a video of this pack break click here.

479 - Chito Martinez
We're off to an auspicious start.
500 - Vince Coleman
Vince looks like he already knows his career is over. Topps gives him a super star card number on reputation only.
203 - Greg Myers
230 - Dick Schofield
Why Topps would give this all-field, no-hit shortstop a star card number is beyond me.
649 - Norm Charlton
Remember the Nasty Boys? Charlton, Randy Myers and Rob Dibble. Back when the Reds were good. Those were more innocent times.
109 - Roger Craig Manager
Craig and the Giants are rocking some sweet throwback threads on this one.
223 - Mel Hall

602 - Mike Fetters
242 - Mike Mussina
Rookie card. Sadly the closest thing to a decent pull in this pack. Maybe if he makes the Hall this card will be worth something but I think he's a long shot at best.
491 - Jeff Brantley
297 - Kevin Brown
305 - Tom Glavine
Now this guy is a lock for the Hall of Fame. But it's his fifth year card.
508 - Bill Gullickson
Coming off the year when he won 20 games with a 3.90 ERA.
250 - Ken Griffey
Senior. Junior's dad. D'oh!
539 - Thomas Howard
153 - Ron Karkovice
159 - Darrin Fletcher
I love sideways action shots and you can see Fletcher tagging out Bobby Bonilla on this one.
758 - Tim Naehring
Remember when the Red Sox sucked and they had bummy prospects like Naehring?
662 - Juan Guzman
Went 10-3 as a rookie for Toronto and was never heard from again. I always used to get this guy and Jose Guzman from the Rangers confused.
229 - Shawn Boskie
546 - Paul Sorrento
Is it me or is his helmet pulled down over his eyes here?
689 - Mark Lemke
486 - Bob Walk
84 - Leo Gomez
Any card with a Topps All Star Rookie Cup on it is cool.
555 - Frank Thomas
This was when Topps started using leftover Stadium Club pics in its base set.

214 - Andy Mota
678 - Joe Klink
506 - Todd Benzinger

675 - Bobby Witt
A card I happily mailed off to Chris @ Stale Gum for his set.
749 - Jerald Clark

179 - Top Prospects 2nd Basemen: Caesar Bernhardt, Bobby DeJardin, Armando Moreno, Andy Stankiewicz

588 - Russ Swan
246 - Jason Pruitt Draft Pick
I love the high school senior pictures Topps used for this subset.
495 - Carney Lansford

58 - Top Prospects Catchers: Brad Ausmus, Jim Campanis, Dave Nilsson, Doug Robbins
185 - Benny Santiago
Never understood why Topps stubbornly called him Benny instead of Benito. Kinda like their "Bob" Clemente cards.
96 - Tom McKinnon Draft Pick
35 - Dave Righetti
474 - Mike Rossiter Draft Pick
Nice shirt.
711 - Ricky Bones
Pronounced "bonus."
306 - Al Shirley Draft Pick
At least they got a shot of him in his high school baseball uniform instead of some circa 1991 Ocean Pacific shirt.
107 - Dan Pasqua
Says on the back that he hit a 484-foot homer against the Yanks in '91. Dan Pasqua? Seriously?
394 - Denny Martinez All Star339 - Tom Browning
405 - Roger Clemens All Star
I can't look at Clemens cards the same way anymore.

Well, not much in the pack but still fun. This was a nice looking set.


Unknown said...

So did Mike Rossiter (the shirt guy) get his senior picture taken at the zoo?

DanGarion said...

That technically isn't Mussina's rookie, he had an FDP card in the 89 set.... ;)

Matt said...

Juan Guzman went 16-5 and 14-3 in 1992 and 1993 respectively. He was a pretty big part of the Jays' two titles.

Steve Gierman said...

Pasqua had the power, just not the consistency.

Anonymous said...

No he didn't. But he was in '91 Score and Upper Deck.