Sunday, January 18, 2009

2003 Topps Series 2 Contest

Time for a contest! I have seven hobby wax packs of 2003 Topps Series 2 taking up space in my card room. I'm going to bust 'em and post 'em one at a time, and then I'm going to give 'em away. All you have to do to get 'em is guess the total number of points scored by all seven packs.

Each pack scores points based on the careers of the players found as follows:

One point for each all-star season.
Three points for each top-three Cy Young finish.
Three points for each top-ten MVP finish.

For example, an A-Rod card would be worth 39 points: one point for each of the twelve all-stars selections, and three points for each of the nine seasons in which A-Rod has finished in the top ten in MVP voting.

Team cards will not score points, but other multi-player cards will score points for each player on the card.

I'll be using to research the players, and will consider the information found there to be the verified truth.

To make your guess, send an email to my Google/Blogger name AT gmail DOT com. Your email must have the subject line "03 Topps Series 2 Contest." Your email should contain your guess and your Google/Blogger name.

After I open all the packs, I will give all the cards to whoever came closest to the total number of points scored by all seven packs. In case of a tie, whoever made their guess first wins. Submit your guesses below. One guess per person. If you guess more than once, I will only use your FIRST guess, so think carefully before you put your guess in.

I'll be posting one pack per day starting Monday and finishing Sunday. Make your guess any time before the final pack is posted, but remember: one guess per person, and you can't change your guess after you make it.


mmosley said...

944 points

skoormit said...

Remember, send those guesses to me via email. Guesses left here will not count.