Friday, January 09, 2009

1985 Donruss Rack Pack

I've already opened the first two sections of this pack here and here. You guys get the third section. Don't you feel special?? Maybe not if you're reading baseball card blogs on a Friday night. Ok, now I've made you all feel awkward. At least you're not POSTING to a baseball card blog on a Friday night. Now I feel awkward! Onward!

127 Marty Barrett
604 Davey Lopes
472 John Shelby
339 Pat Sheridan
205 Neil Allen
1 Ryne Sandberg Diamond King
548 Dave Smith
415 Jack Morris
161 Phil Garner
635 Lou Gehrig puzzle card
505 Bruce Bochy
260 Dave Rucker
126 Bobby Meacham
603 George Foster
471 Kirk Gibson
49 50 51 Lou Gehrig Puzzle

I didn't get a Clemens or Kirby out of this pack, but I got a hell of a lot of damn good Major Leaguers. Davey Lopes, Jack Morris, Phil Garner, George Foster, Kirk Gibson, those are some real players right there. The Lopes card just looks wrong though. The Cubs hat, the shadows, the terrible color on the card, it looks... wrong. I need to go look at one of Lopes cards in a Dodger uni to recover from that. The exact opposite of that card is the Sandberg Diamond King. That is an incredible looking card. The Lou Gehrig Puzzle is pretty sweet too, it's nice to see the puzzle completed without the inevitable misalignments you get when you punch out all the pieces and they don't fit together right. You all punched out your puzzles and put them together, right? Right?? Wow, more awkward. This was a good pack. I'm going to have to pick up a couple more the next time I buy a box online.


night owl said...

I'm married with a kid. What am I clinging to? I'm reading posts AND posting on a Friday night, dammit.

That Lopes card is all kinds of wrong.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

After the Boggs you got in the first blister I thought this pack was destined for greatness but it just kind of fizzled out. '85 Donruss still rule though even the commons.