Monday, January 05, 2009

1983 Fleer Baseball

Nothing is quite as fun for a collector as opening a real vintage pack. I'd say '83 Fleer qualifies. I got this for $2.99 delivered on eBay. Could there be a Boggs, Gwynn or Ryno lurking inside? Only one way to find out...

For a video of this pack break click here.

The pack is like crazy glued. I don't know if that's good or bad.

California Angels team logo sticker.
This was back when they were simply the California Angels. Not the ridiculous Los Angeles convoluted Angels of Anaheim sponsored by Pep Boys.
184 - Rich Gedman
Love the glasses.
130 - Bruce Benedict
Benedict has a look on his face like oh god not another crappy 80's Braves pitcher. I'm surprised, after all Atlanta did win the NL West in '82.
169 - Ron Reed
This is perhaps one of the coolest cards I've ever seen. For whatever reason, Reed is shown holding his Rolaids relief man award plaque. I don't want to know why he had it handy.

396 - Andre Robertson

387 - Lee Mazzilli
70 - Cal Ripken, Jr.
Are you serious!? A second year Cal!!??


This books for six bucks in Tuff Stuff. Well, five cards in and the pack has already paid for itself. Ten cards left to go too!

442 - Willie Upshaw

321 - Manny Sarmiento
98 - Ed Ott
The back of his card says "Has shortest name in majors." That might also be the shortest Did you Know? in Fleer history.

617 - Randy Johnson
Not the Big Unit.

268 - Milt May

579 - Bill Stein

540 - Carlos Diaz
His Did You Know? has nothing to do with this bummy Mets pitcher. They talk about some random hits record Robin Yount and Paul Molitor set in game one of the '82 World Series. It's pretty sad when Fleer can think of NOTHING to say about you.
109 - Bill Castro
126 - John Wathan
With a nice wax stain and bits of the wrapper on the back.

Opening really old packs like this is always fun and pulling a Cal made it that much sweeter.


William said...

Before looking at what cards you pulled, I said aloud to myself "PACK SEARCHED"...until I saw the CRJ. Good pull. Nice to know someone out there doesn't search these packs and reseal them.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yeah I always worry about that too.

dayf said...

Ripken! Sweetness.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Hell yeah

thehamiltonian said...

Personally, I never go anywhere without my Rolaids Relief plaque. You never know when you might need to pose with it.

Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't happen soon. I mean, look at Ron Reed!