Sunday, January 11, 2009

1994 Action Packed Monday Night Football

Hope you football fans enjoyed this weekend's games! Well, Titans, Panthers, Giants and Chargers fans didn't but I hope all three Cardinals fans are going nuts right now! Let's open a football pack to celebrate and since the post probably won't be done until after midnight anyway, let's do some Monday Night Football from Action Packed. I saw this monstrous package of 6 cards for a buck and figured why the hell not. At bare minimum I have a neet looking Emmitt card on the front of the package. Here's the back:

10 of those suckers and a time machine gets you a FREE Mammoth "Super Sized" card of a QB club member. I probably would have gone with Chris Miller unless he has gone on to the Rams by then. My backup probably would have been Favre or Rice. I didn't buy a single pack of this in '94 so I got NOTHING. I got one now! Let's open!


This pack is automatically worth 18 billion dollars in coolness money to me. Just for his play-by-play in Woody Allen's Bananas

21 Rodney Hampton

Another awesome card this time of a Georgia Alum. This card has a weird oil slicky sheen on the left side of the foil which is odd. I wish they all had it because it scanned pretty good. The foil actually looks silver! The back has some of Rodney's highlights and promotes the matchup of the Giants and Vikings on 10/10/94, which happened to be my grandfather's birthday. Giants lost 27-10. Too bad.

52 Dan Marino

Holy CRAP this is a good pack! The Monday Night Fact on the back is that Dan has the most 300-yard passing games on Monday night at 5. I'm sure that's been broken already, at the very least by Dan. His matchup is the Dolphins and the Chiefs on 12/12/94. Dolphins on top, 45-28.

33 Mike Sherrard

The streak of awesome had to break at some point. Giants at Dallas, 11/7/94. Dallas spanked 'em 38-10


Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick!!1 This is damn near the best football pack ever! Chicago at Philly 9/12/94: 27-13 Bears. I'm almost afraid to look at the last card... After all the awesome it almost has to be a Jeff George to even everything out.

14 Andre Reed

My God, this pack was epic. Lookit Reed doing somersaults. He had the most catches in a Monday Night game with 13 against Denver on 9/18/89. His matchup: Broncos 20, Bills 27 on 9/26/94.

Dang, I wish I had bought the other two packs now. It's sad that we'll never have another Action Packed ever again.

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