Sunday, January 18, 2009

1990 Leaf Baseball Series 2

Here's a pack of '90 Leaf baseball series 2. Leaf was probably the best set to buy that year. Not quite the quality of Upper Deck but much more limited production and a better rookie card selection. I remember as a kid when this set came out you couldn't find it anywhere and when you did it was like five bucks a pack so I never bought any but always wanted to. Thanks to the internet and a depressed economy I was able to score seven packs of the stuff for less than nine bucks delivered. Bonus. Here's the first one I opened. Could there be a 20 dollar Frank Thomas rookie lurking inside? Only one way to find out...

For a video of this pack break click here.

The pack is actually made of real aluminum foil. Nifty, you don't see that anymore.

Yogi Berra Foil Puzzle Pieces 52,53,54
Looks like one of his shin pads.
466 - Glenn Braggs
Any card with double knit unis is officially vintage.

525 - Dana Kiecker
Like Bowman, this set is loaded with prospects with no major league experience. It makes for some great rookie cards but also colossal misses, such as this guy.
519 - Shawn Boskie
I kinda like the design. Clean and simple.

513 - Chris Hoiles
I learn on the back of his card he was traded from Detroit to Baltimore for Fred Lynn. Interesting.

507 - Joe Hesketh
I forgot he once played for the Braves.

501 - Duane Ward
The Braves flipped this guy for Doyle Alexander. Then they flipped Alexander for John Smoltz. Not bad.

495 - Brad Arnsberg

489 - Trevor Wilson
483 - Randy Johnson
I like the Big Unit's blue glove on this one. It matches well with his sleeves and cap.

477 - Gene Nelson

471 - Dennis Rasmussen
465 - Jim Leyritz

524 - Lee Smith

518 - Fred Manrique
512 - Scott Ruskin

Well not much in that pack but I did much better in the other six packs. Click here if you want to check it out.

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