Friday, January 16, 2009

2008 Bow-Man Chroom

Bowman Chrome...never before has a more stepped-on product hit the Milwaukee streets. Half as pure, so you buy twice as much. Some dude sold this to me outside the Westlawn low-rise projects. Shouts of "five-oh" filled the air not long after I pocketed the red-top, the kind with Joba on the outside. What am I gonna do, though? When a guy needs to chase the dragon, what choice does he have?

Let's tie off and tear in.

Top to Bottom:
195 Denard Span Refractor (Big Harry just showed up.)

BCP188 Jhoulys Chacin (The back says he "overpowers with consistently in low 90s.")

198 Chin-Lung Hu (Awwww, yeeeaaahhh, now I'm firing the ack ack gun...)

In an amazing coincidence, I pulled three guys with the exact same names my wife and I agreed we would like the names of our future children to be; Denard, Jhoulys, and Chin-Lung, get down here this instant!


sam r said...

yo thorz i need that span!!!!! hes my life

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,
Hit me up if you want to trade for the Span.

My want lists are available at Thorzul Will Rule

sruchris said...

Don't worry Thorzul, my crew works the low-rises and you're right, the product is weak. We just did Joe, and now we got a new connect. No more weak shit from New York in '09. The new connect is from Cali. We'll have some testers of the new product in a few weeks.