Thursday, January 01, 2009

1987 Topps Baseball

With Dayf and Madding recently posting packs of '87 Fleer and '87 Donruss, I decided why not complete the trifecta and do a '87 Topps post of a rack pack I busted a couple days ago. '87 Topps will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first pack I opened and first set I completed as a youngster. You couldn't beat the beautiful woodgrain borders or the awesome selection of rookie cards in this set. I got this rack pack on eBay for $2.47 delivered which I think is a pretty good deal considering there's a Bo rookie showing. Could there be a Bonds lurking somewhere inside? Only one way to find out...

For a video of this pack break click here.

Keith Hernandez Glossy All Star Insert 2 of 22

587 - Eric Plunk
Gotta love the random family sitting in the background.

570 - Sid Fernandez
Fun fact on back says Sid wore #50 beacuse he was born in Honolulu and his favorite TV show is Hawaii Five-0.

76 - Rafael Ramirez

345 - Andre Dawson
You would figure Topps could hook the Hawk up with a better card number. Looks like he's hitting a pop up here.

396 - Tim Lollar

527 - Jim Wohlford
One of the great mysteries to me was Wohlford staying in the bigs 15 years averaging .260, one homer and 20 RBIs a season.

173 - Alex Trevino

630 - John Candelaria

565- Dusty Baker

200 - Pete Rose
This was his last Topps card as a player so you get his complete career stats. Coolness.

132 - Paul Assenmacher

255 - Juan Samuel

629 - Larry Parrish
Parrish is one of the more underrated sluggers of the 70's and 80's in my opinion. Excluding the strike year of '81 he hit double digit homers every year from '75-'88.

621 - Danny Cox
I always thought Cox something of a oddity. You don't hear of too many baseball players who were born in England.

586 - Ben Oglivie
One of Harvey's Wallbangers.

41 - Bo Diaz

117 - Jim Beattie

529 - Alvaro Espinoza

662 - Frank DiPino
What a brutal air brush.

508 - Scott Bankhead

154 - Tom O'Malley

568 - Earl Weaver

582 - Bruce Berenyi
Led NL in losses with 18 in '82.

129 - Rick Cerone

153 - Duane Ward

123 - John Kruk
Current analyst for ESPN.

404 - Doug Sisk

196 - Randy O'Neal

435 - Bruce Sutter

524 - Bob Shirley

667 - Ron Hassey

248 - Gene Walter

533- Argenis Salazar

428 - Bruce Bochy

170 - Bo Jackson
There was a time this card was actually worth something.

84 - Steve Lake

381- Expos Leaders
Useless cards in Topps sets have been around awhile.

24 - Tony Walker

606 - Don Mattingly All Star

611 - Kirby Puckett All Star
I love the old school red Twins helmet.

207 - George Frazier

52 - Keith Atherton

481 - Phillies Leaders

693 - Terry Puhl

452 - Dave Henderson
I actually like the '87 Topps card backs. They are easy to read.

149 - Ray Searage

415- Bobby Witt
I find it amazing that as a rookie in '86 Witt was able to go 11-9 while leading the AL in walks with 143 and have a 5.48 ERA.

68 - Tony LaRussa

356 - White Sox Leaders

597 - Mike Schmidt All Star

Well no Bonds, or McGwire or Palmeiro for that matter but this was still a lot of fun. Brings back a lot of great memories. I just realized I got two extra cards. Bonus! You never see that nowadays.


Nachos Grande said...

If you are willing, I'd like to trade for that Keith Hernandex All-Star insert card. I'm only missing a few of those plus 5 base cards to complete my 1987 set.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That would be cool shoot me an email

Mark said...
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Mark said...

Nice post. I am working on the 87 set now, and have been opening a couple of boxes I got off eBay. I hated the set back then, but like it better now. It's fun to see how the 'future stars' panned out...

FanofReds - shoot me an email with your want list for the 1987 set, and I'll see what I have.

William said...

On the back of Henderson's card, it says that one guy "accepted four chances" in one inning...what the hell does that mean?

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I think they are talking about fielding chances, that is, ground balls. It would be rare that a pitcher would field four ground balls in one inning and I guess that's why they noted it.

William said...

Ahhhh...what a strange way to put it -- "accepted" and "four chances."

Danny said...

Great pack/post.

Random side note: I don't know if you all listen to country music at all but the guy who sings Chicken Fried looks exactly like Bruce Sutter in your pack.

Goose Joak said...

I really like the blue Mariners and Braves uniforms, especially the Mariners.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yeah I love that you can see the old Mariners warm up jackets on Beattie's card.

ernest of canada said...

that Espinoza card is pure genius.