Saturday, June 14, 2008

1988 Donruss Pop-Up All Stars

Here's a quick and dirty pack rip from the 25 cent box. You can see previous rips of this stuff here and here.

Stan Musial Puzzle 31, 32, 33
Mike Schmidt pop-up
16 Matt Nokes
41 Gary Carter
31 Wade Boggs top vote getter
57 Tim Raines
24 Jack Morris

Big smile on Stan the Man's puzzle pieces. Wade Boggs gets the special "Top Vote Getter" card. The rest of the base cards spreads the spectrum from Hall of Famer to Matt Nokes. The Mike Schmidt pop-up card makes up for the last pack I ripped with the two checklist cards. Actually it makes up for every crappy pack I've ripped in the past three months. I like Mike.


Andy said...

I'm a bit confused about these cards...they are obviously not from the base 1988 Donruss set (different photos and different borders) so what are they? Just another set? All stars and semi-stars? I'm kind of amazed that I never heard of them before.

Don said...

This was a "special" set put out by Donruss to celebrate the prior year's all stars. The cards featured the players who were on the roster for the game (non-injured players). IIRC the first set was in 86 and the cards were postcard sized. The 87 set was also postcard sized. In 88 Donruss probably made the set in standard sized cards to increase popularity. I think the set lasted for only one more year. Also, the pop ups were of the starting lineups.