Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2007 Fleer Ultra Hobby

We all know what happened to Ultra last year... Upper Deck tried to rebrand it as a premium product and their plan went over kind of like this:

The twenty dollars a pack, hundred dollars a box premium version of Ultra can now be found pretty easily for under forty a box. I found this pack for eight and figured why not. It sure beat the similarly plummeting Co-Signers that were on the table next to it.

182 Mark Teixeira
177 BJ Upton
106 Justin Morneau
118 Carlos Beltran
155 Brian Giles
143 Zach Duke
181 Ty Wigginton
195 Frank Thomas
DM-WI Dontrelle Willis Dual Materials #070/160
69 Dan Uggla
9 Jeff Francoeur
58 Matt Holliday
55 Todd Helton
78 Craig Biggio
18 Melvin Mora
215 Mike Rabelo Ultra Rookie

Heh, Upper Deck goofed on the wrapper and put 5 cards per pack instead of 16. The hit of the pack was a Dontrelle Willis dual jersey with a stripe. I've had a lot of luck pulling Dontrelle this month. More luck than he's had recently at least. The rookie of the pack is Mike Rabelo, who has his own problems right now. The base cards ain't too bad though. Tex, Biggio, Big Hurt, Frenchy, Uggla, Helton, Holliday, Morneau, Upton... You could do worse. I wonder if '07 was Ultra's swan song or if UD will allow the last vestiges of Frank H. Fleer's legacy to survive just a little longer. I see some pre-sell info for '08-'09 Hockey at least so maybe there's still hope.

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