Monday, June 16, 2008

1990 Upper Deck

Let's crack open a pack of 1990 Upper Deck. Got no reason, what the heck. This is a high series pack so I can try to "find The Reggie". W00t.

367 Carlton Fisk
83 Greg Minton
25 Greg Vaughn Star Rookie
145 Oddibbe McDowell
197 Hubie Brooks
687 Lance Blankenship
602 Steve Finley
Pirates Sticker
739 Scott Sanderson
782 Billy Jo Robidoux
591 Dion James
538 Miguel Garcia
459 Brook Jacoby
490 Curt Ford
400 Checklist 300-400
249 Kenny Williams

The pack opened with Carlton Fisk so really there's no use looking at the rest of the cards. Pudge beats all. He's doing a crazy stretch on the back of the card too. I couldn't do that stretch when I was a kid and here he is doing it when he's 42 years old. The last card in the pack is Kenny Williiams, the current Sox GM. This is what I don't understand about some fans. Kenny built a team that won the World Series. The first one they'd won since 1917. The last time they'd even been in a World Series was before Kenny was born. Yet someone purported to be a "Chicago Sports Fan" paid good money to sponsor his Baseball-Reference page just to crap on him. I don't get it. The rest of the pack: Greg Minton is pitching inside a black hole. Greg Vaughn is neither a Star nor a Rookie: Discuss. Hubie Brooks is being molested by an ump. I always thought Billy Jo Robidoux would have never even been considered a hot prospect if his name was William Joseph Smith. Oddibbe McDowell and Dion James really make me appreciate the Braves' current outfield. A LOT. I was so positive Kevin had posted the awesome Steve Finley card already that I didn't scan it. Oops.

Seriously, this hurts just looking at it.


Chris Harris said...

My Land Lawd.

Maxwell said...

woah, that's a crazy stretch, lol. Also, thanks for posting these breaks all of the time. I really enjoy reading your musings. :)