Saturday, June 28, 2008

2006 Turkey Red

I got this pack in that Wal-Mart cube I started posting a couple of weeks ago. I'll finish it off eventually, no hurry. This was the pack that prompted me to get the box. I really liked this stuff at the time although I've cooled on it since then. I thought it was worth a shot at a short print though. Let's see what's in here.

429 Johan Santana
316 Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees variation
629 Dan Uggla RC
620 Travis Ishikawa RC
493 Tadahito Iguchi red parallel
571 A-Rod Safe at the Plate checklist
616 Reggie Abercrombie RC
593 Jeremy Hermida RC

No short prints unless you count the red parallel of Iguchi. Parallel cards of short prints weren't short printed themselves, and as a result my binder of Turkey Red is very colorful. I got a kick out of how Topps took the 'red' part of Turkey Red literally for their parallel. I did manage to get both A-Rod cards that weren't short prints though. Oddly enough I already had both short prints of Alex in a Mariner and Ranger jersety (in the red version of course) but not A-Rod's common card in a Yankee uniform. I also got Johan and no less than three Marlin rookies. Two A-Rods and three Marlins make for a really weird pack. Tadahito and A-Rod filled two more pockets in the binder so this was a pretty successful pack overall.

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Andy said...

For whatever reason, I find the Turkey Red sets to be garbage. I don't like the rough finish on the cards or the fact that they are warped right out of the pack.