Sunday, June 08, 2008

2006 UD First Pitch and repack box toppers

Severe disappointment in recent products have caused me to go running into the arms of my only comfort - Wal-Mart repack cubes. I found one with a couple of packs on the side that were actually good, plus there were cards on the top and sides to keep people from peeking to see what other packs were in the middle. This turned out to be an excellent cube as it had eleven packs and only one was a 2006 Updates & Highlights pack. Ironically the cube is now housing my 2008 Finest and Topps Series Two cards, the two sets that have caused me to drown my sorrows in junk wax. First let's look at the cards on top of the box:

An '83 Fleer Dave Stapleton and '82 Fleer Barry Foote...

and two '82 Fleer Bobby Brown cards. Only a man with no heart would not be touched deeply by these miscut, slightly out of focus early eighties gems of cardboard. It's almost sacrilege to sully these cards by opening twenty-first century crap. Opening crap is what this blog is all about though, so we must carry on.

58 Victor Martinez
110 Rickie Weeks
DS-16 Mike Sweeney Diamond Stars
158 Jake Peavy
67 Chris Shelton

Pretty average pack. Jake Peavy is a nice pitcher, V-Mart's a helluva catcher, and Weeks has potential, but all three can't resist the overwhelming mediocrity of a Mike Sweeney insert card. Mike just hit the DL again too. Eh, it's a pack. There's better stuff in the box, I promise.

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