Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Fat Pack

Well...I've finally gotten around to posting that pack that dayf sent me after our bet. Much has transpired since then. Let's list what has taken place:
1. Nearly the entire Braves roster has gone on the DL, not to mention Rickie Weeks and J.J. Hardy's ailments for the Brewers.
2. I heckled Joe Mauer to the point of tears on consecutive nights this past weekend. An old lady in front of me reminded me of appropriate language use. Mauer was so rattled that he went 1-5 on Saturday, including grounding into two double plays. I am a quiet man, but all bets are off if your home stadium is the Metrodome.
3. The last day of school has come and gone. Thanks goodness for recorded entertainments.

Enough of this claptrap.
Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
49 Willie Harris (A Brave right off the bat. Perhaps this will go right back to dayf.)
10 Garret Anderson
208 Adam LaRoche
130 Franklin Gutierrez (Nice shirt.)

173 Chris Ray
95 Brandon Lyon
197 Chase Utley
119 Dave Roberts (Huh, old Graybeard was born in Okinawa. Learn something new every day.)
195 Ryan Madson
273 Scott Baker
234 David Weathers
39 Matt Stairs (Just missed being a Brewer teammate with the guy above him.)
319 Luke Hochevar (RC)
337 Steve Pearce (RC)

373 David Ortiz Red Sox Checklist
310 Billy Buckner (RC)
391 Jim Thome Season Highlights
HC16 Alex Gordon Hot Commodities

Pretty good first floor, so let's see what the basement holds.
244 Manny Corpas
166 Jesus Flores
283 Jose Contreras
127 Travis Hafner
88 Brendan Harris
290 Jermaine Dye
251 Brian Bannister
212 Brandon McCarthy
75 Ryan Dempster
192 Kyle Kendrick
78 Ryan Theriot
117 Ryan Klesko
364 Ichiro Mariners Checklist
301 Jonathan Albaladejo (RC)
400 Trevor Hoffman Season Highlights

355 Chipper Jones Braves Checklist
YSL2262 Johnny Mize Yankee Stadium Legacy 09/18/1951
HC40 Hot Commodities Prince Fielder

dayf is totally awesome for selecting this pack for me, taking the time to dig through a box to find a Prince Fielder showing through the back.
Since I don't think I have it in me to try for what will ultimately be a 1,000+ card set, all of these are available for trade or sale except the Mize, Ichiro, and Fielder. Make me an offer.

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