Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2006 Fleer Tradition

This is another of the $1.59 packs I picked up target last weekend. It's marked "Retail" and features Ken Griffey Jr on the pack. I have taken a lot of flack over a comment I made earlier about Junior being a "possible" future HOFer (most of it off-site flack). My main argument was that I do not believe he will be a 1st round pick for the Hall. Will he get in eventually? Now that he's 600+ home runs, that is more likely than ever. I do not count that as a bad thing. But, when I think of Griffey Jr, I think more of injury-plagued seasons than I think of ball-playing. That's just my 2 cents. Being a Tribe fan, I have my own share of disappointments for sure. Now, let's move on.

The first three cards in the pack are Ichiro Suzuki, Carlos Lee, and Rich Harden. Not a bad lineup for the first three cards out of the chute.

Next up, batting clean-up in this pack is Alex Rodriguez, followed by Griffey Junior, And Josh Wilson. Regardless of how you feel about either of the first two players, they are both nice pulls in a pack that seems heavy on the bigger-named, popular players. And, as always, I enjoy pulling the card of the featured player on the pack!

The last three in tonight's line-up include Johnny Damon, Bronson Arroyo, and Ramon Hernandez. Seriously, is this a normal pack for this set? By and large, I'm pretty happy with what I got. Well, mostly. I haven't pulled a Triber out or anything....

Well, lookie here! Not only a Triber, but a Diamond Tribute Sizemore to boot! Excellent! (though I may already have the card, I'll check later) Sizemore is a back-to-back AL All-Star and has a chance to go again this year, too.

Of course, pulling a Triber made the pack for me, but there are a nice number of stars (league and team) for 2006 in here. The cards will go into my trade team packs, so future traders, you may end up with one(s) for your team(s).


Costanza's Brother said...

It's a shame that Griffey has been injured so much over the past several seasons. People tend to forget how great he was in Seattle.

William said...

When I think of Ken Griffey's injury-plagued seasons, I think "what if?" in the same manner that baseball historians ponder "what if Ted Williams hadn't lost all those games to the Korean War?" He was one of the greatest pure baseball players of the past 50 years, and dagnabbit, if he doesn't get voted into the Hall on his first ballot (with 90% or more of the vote, mind you), I will donate my left testicle to said HOF.

Paul said...

I have to agree with William. As a Yankee fan, I will always remember him beating us in the playoffs. He has got one of the sweetest swings out there.

What if? is right, imagine where he would be right now, home run wise if he wasn't injured. I also don't think too many people think of steroids, when they think of jr.

Paul said...

Can I trade you some tribe cards for the Arod, it's the last regular issue card I need for the set.

dayf said...

I got about a dozen or so of these retail packs here and there and despite the guarantee on the wrapper I did not receive a single insert or parallel in any of them. It's nice to see that they actually exist.