Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome

Topps Chrome is out in the shops with a lovely red wrapper featuring the many moods of Ryan Howard. I liked the one per pack refractors from last year, but it looks like they have been replaced with just a barrage of insert sets this year. Refractors are still one in three packs, but there are also Heritage chrome cards, 50th anniversary cards, Trading Card history cards, Mickey Mantles and of course the good ol' autographs. It's almost so you're lucky to even pull a base card anymore. I found a few packs for $3 a pop which is at least a buck cheaper than I'll find it anywhere else. I'm a sucker for a bargain, even then the item is horribly overpriced to begin with. Here's my first pack of '08 Chrome.

129 Geovany Soto - I don't care if he's the leading catcher in this year's All-Star voting, Brian McCann is better and he's got the stats to prove it.

MMSC47 Mickey Mantle - At least it's a Mantle Story insert and not a Home Run card.

C147 Freddy Sanchez Heritage Chrome #/1264/1959 - Topps finally decided to extend the Heritage Chrome parallel into the Chrome set. I've been pulling Freddy Sanchez cards like mad this year for some reason.

128 Adrian Gonzalez - A #1 overall pick of the Marlins in 2000, he's finally come into his own and has 21 homers already this year while playing in spacious Petco park. The guy's pretty underrated if you ask me.

Nice looking stuff, I'll probably grab a few more packs on impulse while I wait for Goudey and Allen & Ginter to completely suck all the money out of my bank account.


William said...

Jeezis Topps, enough with Mickey Mantle inserts already. ENOUGH. STOP.

Anonymous said...

Are all of the Heritage 'inserts' serial numbered in Chrome this year?