Monday, June 02, 2008

Бейсбол Лучника 2007 (2007 Bowman Baseball)

Here is a product I passed by last year. The cheapness of this Target pack was enough to seduce me into buying one.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
107 Grady Sizemore
205 Hector Gimenez RC
81 Brandon Webb
29 Brandon Phillips
218 Micheal Bourn RC
184 Troy Glaus Gold Parallel
BC63 1st Bowman Chrome Bandon Mann
BC96 1st Bowman Chrome Vincent Blue
BP94 Leo Daigle
BP4 Robert Alcombrack

Bowman is a lot like Communism. In theory, it works. Its problem is that it tries to please everybody while actually pleasing nobody. Let's take a look at the parallels the typical Bowman set has to the Russian class system.
Base set: These are like the proletariat. Keep your mouth shut, stay in line, and there's a place for you at the dinner trough.

Gold (and Orange, and Blue) Parallels: These are the business owners in post-Gorbachev Russia. Not too many around, rose to prominence through nefarious means, but the potential payoffs are great (i.e. low serial numeration).

1st Bowman Card Rookies: Post-revolution whiz kids. The fall of the Soviet machinery makes it possible you might rise above the masses. But how possible...? That's debatable.

Chrome: These are your glue-sniffing orphans and child slaves. The allure of a quick high is too tempting for many to pass up, but it ultimately amounts to very little.

I hope you enjoyed my total butchering of the contemporary Russian socioeconomic climate through a quick glance at an unwanted 2007 baseball card set. Just don't quote me on those Summer Term Political Science papers you kids are so crazy about writing...your grade might slip to a B if grade inflation trends hold steady.


Chris Harris said...

I hereby nominate this as the greatest post in the brief history of APAD.

Anyone want to second?

William said...

I second that. I was even gonna say this was the best ever. It's genius, true, and makes my Political Science degree seem valuable but for if a brief time.

William said...

Oh, and by the way, Leo Daigle is like 29 years old. Might as well put that card in the bike spokes.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite pack break of all time. Keep up the good work.