Monday, June 09, 2008

2006 Topps Opening Day

I got two of these packs in my box, so let's get the worthless things out of the way quickly so we can get to the good stuff.

Pack 1:
19 Scott Rolen
99 Miguel Tejada
91 Michael Young
405 David ortiz
106 Lyle Overbay
152 Robert Andino RC
Funny Photos 22 Ichiro and Johnny Damon

Ok so this pack was good. Ichiro + Big Papi = win. Rolen & Miggy ain't bad either. I still hate the blue foil.

Pack 2:
128 Luis Castillo
131 Dmitri Young
88 Rich Harden
113 Wily Mo Pena
133 Nick Swisher
94 Johan Santana
Funny Photos 20 Todd Helton and Khalil Greene

This pack not so much. For a pack that's only two years old, it's odd that 5 of 6 base cards are all players who are now on different teams. Rich Harden will make 6 of 6 as soon as the A's trade him for a bunch of Double-A prospects with high on base percentages. The SI Phunny Fotos card is awesome though as we get to see the moment right before Todd Helton gives his teammate a big wet sloppy kiss. The back of the card has Khalil Greene getting kicked in the head by a leaping Brave. The blank word balloon is meant to allow you to write in your own cation, but I think leaving it blank is a good way to express the concussion Khalil just got.

Leave your own captions in the comments and also pick what pack you want me to open tomorrow. Your choices:

a) '06 Topps Updates & Highlights
b) '05 UD MVP
c) no more junk wax - '08 UD series 2
d) surprise me


MIKE said...

C. No more junk wax.

NMboxer said...

Only a corporate sensibility could assume that calling something "Funny Photos" is a good idea.

Billy Suter said...

Surprise me.

ernest said...

'06 topps update and highlights!

Luqman said...

d. surprise me