Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Series 2 - Blaster pack

I threw ya the soccer card curveball yesterday so the least I can do is post a pack of 2008 Upper Deck Series 2 to make up for it. The first pack out of my blaster was the one with the jersey so I figured why not post it. This is a normal blaster and not one of the Star Spangled ones so no USA team prospect jersey here. One thing that annoyed me about this blaster is it advertises a new retail-only insert set of Superstar Scrapbook cards and of course, no Braves. Not even Chipper ".420" Jones. Bah phooey. I bet everyone's scrambling to make Chipper inserts now though... Here's the pack.

483 Matt Holliday
UDJ-WI Dontrelle Willis Jersey
680 Jason Jennings
649 Eric Bedard
602 Chris Denorfia
461 Nick Swisher
483 Matt Holliday Gold #87/99
SQ-44 Eric Byrnes

Doubled up on the Holliday in this pack and got his Gold parallel. The photo appears to be him swinging away at the Home Run Derby. Matt hit 13 homers in the derby and was eliminated in the second round. The Dontrelle Jersey is sweet, I don't care if he's flaming out fight now and is back in the minors. This card is extremely thick too... much thicker than the series one relics. There's a run after the jersey of four straight players with new teams in their new uniforms including Nick Swisher in a Sox jersey. As soon as I get a double, it's yours Steve. The StarQuest card is an uncommon bronze colored card of Eric Byrnes. I really like the StarQuest inserts, it's a nice throwback to the old Collector's Choice sets. Not bad for the first pack in the box, it will all even out of course but it's still nice to get a loaded pack every so often.


Steve Gierman said...

I can wait until that happens. :)

Captain Canuck said...

you know where to send spare Roachie's....
c/o the 3rd igloo on the left