Saturday, June 07, 2008

1992 Stadium Club Series 3 - Better this time

Completed another trade with Kevin M. who is the founder of my favorite trading group on Yahoo!. He usually includes a pack of these as a fun bonus with whatever he sends you. I think I got the best pack in the box with this one. Check it out:

873 Eddie Zosky - Did a lot of October signing and December leaving from '95 to 2000.
868 Dickie Thon - No, there is no G in Thon. This is a family show....
849 Curt Wilkerson - Only appearance on a leaderboard was for Sacrifice hits in '84 with 12.
720 Randy Johnson - The Big Unit in all his curly mulleted glory!
689 Rich Amaral - Was the 7th oldest active AL player in 2000.
620 Barry Bonds - The unaltered version.
840 George Bell - His rookie card spells it Jorge. He went to the ChiSox for Sammy Sosa.
846 John Russell - Signed by the Rangers as a free agent on May 8, 1990, February 1, 1991, April 5, 1992, November 19, 1992, July 30, 1993, and September 1, 1993!
674 Wayne, (flip) Edwards! Guess they had a little trouble with this one... Reminds me of the continuing list of charged or convicted murderers with the middle name Wayne from this site.
631 Clay Parker - No relation to May or Peter....
790 Eddie Taubensee - Eddie was traded as a player more times than his cards.
627 Mike Gallego - Another AL sacrifice hits leader in 1990 with 17.
804 Roger McDowell - the 90's style master.
837 Darryl Kile -
875 Tom Candiotti - His major league debut, Aug 8, 1983, was the same day I started my first job.
Club Membership promo card

Not bad at all, a couple superstars, some other names I remember Vin Scully talking about back then, and a couple other interesting cards. And it was free!

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