Sunday, June 01, 2008

2004 Upper Deck Vintage Baseball

A great way to start the day, better than a cup of coffee (Blech!), is a pack of Target cheapie cards. Enjoy!

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
167 Ken Harvey (His mom obviously uses Cheer with Color Guard technology. So very, very blue.)

68 Jay Gibbons
18 Matt Clement
207 Brandon Larson
20 Odalis Perez
5 Vladimir Guerrero (One of his last cards as an Expo. I'll bet that warmup windbreaker is hanging in a closet in Vlad's house.)

261 Rich Harden
9 Derek Jeter

Grade: B
That pack really got going at the end. Basically, I hope it's how my day will go. Hopefully I can get through my morning reading group without opening my eyes. After that the kids go to gym, followed by lunch. We will end the day with math and science. Ten days of school left and counting...


dayf said...

I wish I could find this stuff at Target. The ones near me just have old Fleer tradition packs in their junk box.

Brian said...

Unfortunately, Vlad does not still have that windbreaker. Someone who hangs out at his house said Vlad's driver sells his stuff (and pockets the $$$) as soon as Vlad is done with them.