Sunday, June 01, 2008

Repack Box Remorse: Chapter 3

Still trudging through this Wal-Mart $20 special. Here's one I actually kinda liked. Especially the blue refractor. I'm not much for Chromes in general, but the blue looks OK. Here we go, this is a quick one. 55 Travis Hafner - Nice photo for a horizontal. 73 Jeremy Bonderman - This guy sounds like he should play hockey...? GN265 Delmon Young Generation Now - I thought these were a waste in the football set, and still think so with these. They book for way too much IMHO. 212 David Eckstein Blue Refractor - Now that's more like it. Nice looking card. And a guy that plays on pure heart as a bonus. Too bad it's outdated team-wise. These should make decent trade bait at some point at the very least. I would never buy these at retail by themselves. Four cards for what, three bucks? I'll pass and get 'em on the secondary market if I ever wanted them.

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