Sunday, June 29, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy promo pack

I'm doing a massive post on this stuff on my own blog so I thought I'd inflict some of these cards on my dear readers here as well. This is another one of those three card promo packs I picked up for a buck each at a card shop a while pack. Let's see who was in this one:

YSL3029 Moose Skowron
Long time first baseman for the Yankees who bit them in the World Series after getting traded to the Dodgers in '63. Moose didn't play in this game, a complete game shutout for Rollie Sheldon.

YSL3132 Whitey Ford
Whitey looks like someone just ran over his dog on this card. He won the game though, an 8-0 shutout over Detroit. Moose hit two doubles in the game.

YSL140 Herb Pennock
Did you know Herb Pennock was in the Hall of Fame? You do now. This wasn't one of his 240 wins, the game was lost by Waite Hoyt, another player featured in this set.

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