Wednesday, June 04, 2008

1983 Donruss

Ok, sorry for the outburst but I feel a little better this morning. I just needed to vent a little. I'm taking a break from gimmick-ridden newfangled crap, here's some oldfangled crap. 1983 Donruss is one of those sets that will always remind me of my childhood. I'd pick up a rack pack or two from the Winn-Dixie, bring it home to rip and then sort all my cards on the card table while cartoons were on my puny 13" black and white TV. Just seeing the black and orange backs takes me back to late summer '83. I found packs of the stuff on eBay and picked up a couple of packs. One to rip and one to keep. Here's the one I ripped in all its glory.

Ty Cobb Puzzle 28, 29, 30

I had enough of these to put together a complete puzzle. The ones that didn't become a puzzle got beat to hell. At least I have one in mint condition now. Oooh, is that Ty's earlobe?

16 Steve Carlton Diamond King

Lefty Diamond King right off the bat. This is a good pack.

279 Cal Ripken

Second year Cal. Now it's a GREAT pack. I couldn't buy these two cards for what I paid for this pack.

271 Gene Richards

Gene is laser focused. He was quite the speedster back in the day.

524 Jim Wohlford

Jim looks like he's 800 years old in this picture. Even Yoda's telling him to get some Botox.

273 Dave Roberts

A beautiful picture of a catcher in the crouch. The pinstripes make him look like a contour map from hell.

148 Dave Concepcion

Not a Hall of Famer yet, but he'll get there eventually.

649 Al Chambers

The number one overall pick in 1979 and he played exactly 57 games for the Mariners.

528 Steve Nicosia

Another catcher doing what catchers do best.

403 Lee Smith

Second year Smitty rockin' the Cubs uni. The pack gets better and better...

278 Darrell Porter

Why the hell did we wear those ugly-ass plastic frame glasses back in the 80's? That's no look for the 1982 World Series MVP.

Checklist 27-130

The perfect chance to show off the orange and black I love so much. It glows in my soul.

21 Floyd Bannister Diamond King

Two Diamond Kings in a pack is brilliant. I was convinced this mediocre innings eater was a star for years because of this card. Also a number one overall pick, this time in 1976. Holy crap! So was Dave Roberts! That's three in the pack!

405 Eddie Murray

EDDIE FREAKING MURRAY. This pack is now officially redonkulous.

280 Jamie Easterly

Former Brave sporting the beard/mullet combo. At least he knew not to buy the plastic frames.

272 Renie Martin

Finishing off the pack with a sunburned Renie Martin. Great Googely Moogely that was a good pack. Three Hall of Famers and two that are pounding on the door. Three #1 overall picks too. You see why I saved this pack for my darkest hour of need. Yeah, this is the stuff that reminds me why I like this hobby.


timrooks said...


I had more fun reading about you opening that pack than I have opening actual packs of today's products.

Billy Suter said...

Did you notice that the Al Chambers card is a Rated Rookie card? That's the earliest card I've seen with those two words on it.

ernest said...

those porter and easterly cards rule! and the card design of the set beats the bulk of what's being issued this year.

capewood said...

That was a great pack back in 1983 and a great pack in any year between then and now.

NMboxer said...

A rockin' pack. PS We agree with Ernest.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Murray & Ripken in the same pack?? The glasses Porter was wearing was common..... Of course, I'll always remember Tom Henke, the terminator, wearing those things.

You did well though with the pack.

I think the 83 Donruss was one of the worst sets ever though. I've got about 500 cards from this date and set. Almost identical to the 1982 Donruss in almost every way. Ugh.

BTW: Don't mean to be mean but no way, no how, is Dave Conception getting into the Hall of Fame.

--David said...

HO-LEE COW! That is a pack from my childhood! That has got to be one of the best packs I have seen in a long, long time! Killer stuff.

tastelikedirt said...

That pack was totally out of hand, and off the hook and all kinds of other stuff!