Monday, September 03, 2007

1987 Topps

I've decided that there is nothing more depressing than opening a pack and finding Manuel Lee staring back at you. That's why it's all the better to see a Rickey Henderson Turn Back The Clock 1982 on top. As an acquaintance has said repeatedly, it's all about Rickey.

1. R Henderson, TBTC
2. Murray, Baltimore
3. Magadan, NYM, Future Star
4. Black, KC
5. Leiper, OAK
6. Palmeiro, CHC, Future Star
7. Salas, MIN
8. Lamp, TOR
9. H Reynolds, SEA
10. Bochy, SD
11. Sullivan, BOS
12. Allen, CWS
13. Easler, NYY
14. Distefano, PIT
15. Clear, MIL
16. Burleson, CAL
17. Boyd, BOS

Overall, not a bad pack. 7 quality cards, plus 2 good team players. A star card on the top is always a good omen. If this pack had been opened in 1987, the star card would've been Murray. If opened a few years ago, the star would've been Palmeiro. But, since Raffy's steroid scandal, the star card in the pack shifts back to Murray. But the real star card in the pack is Oil Can Boyd. In fact, this pack is full of Red Sox or ex-Red Sox, with Boyd, Burleson, Clear, Easler, Sullivan, and Lamp.

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John said...

I really like the idea of this blog but i think it would help if you scanned a sample card from eah pack. Afterall cards are a visual medium.