Saturday, September 15, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Box Blaster Pack 6

Pack #6. The pack in every Blaster Box where the gnawing realization that you picked a dud starts to creep in if there hasn't been a good hit. Since this is the first box I've opened for a set I'm likely to try to complete, every pack is by default good. I'll be cursing this pack on the next one I open though when I'm staring at a pile of doubles including all the SPs.

-No.47- JD Drew
-No.68- Justin Morneau
-No.119- Jhonny Peralta
-No.283- David Ortiz Heads Up Cartoon SP
-No.51- Curt Schilling
-No.2- Dontrelle Willis
-No.139- Justin Verlander
-No.163- David Eckstein

All Right! David Ortiz Heads Up card! I want to eat me some Big Papi salsa now. Lots of Red Sox in this pack. Drew and Schilling both have the classic Diamond Stars skyline on their cards, but only Curt is elite enough to get a smokestack. Justin Morneau's odd expression combined with the crazy background makes the MVP look like he is trying to crush us puny mortals with his powerful mind rays. Or he might just have a massive migraine. Justin Verlander is winning a Cy. I don't know when, but I know he's gonna do it. You can always count on Dontrelle Willis to have a cool pose on his baseball card.

Will I finally pull a relic out of this box or will I rave over a box of commons? Stay tuned...

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