Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Tin

Let me start this pack post off by saying that this will be a rare occasion. I decided to spring for a pack of 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes, which consists of a pack of 8 cards contained within a sealed tin. For fear of setting the bar too high, I will go ahead with this post. Don't get me wrong, enjoy a premium card as much as the next guy, but I can't quite bring myself to buy packs just to get them. The main reason I bought this has to do with my personal player collection. I'm currently working on putting together as much of the Robin Yount Heroes collection as possible. They look good in pages, they sometimes come in green, and they feature Robin wearing a pair of Dwayne Wayne (from the Cosby spinoff, "A Different World, not the NBA All Star) flip-up shades. At this point, I'm pretty close to putting together anything that comes numbered to 10 or higher, with a couple of 1/1's to boot.

This pack is so special, in fact, that I might need some help to work my way through it., so I recruited a few helpers.

Sorry to mix hobbies, but Batman and Green Lantern, two of my favorite DC superheroes, will assist in this pack bust.

On second thought, these two, despite the fact that they, too, are "Heroes," are a little two-dimensional for this task.

That's more like it. Rookie year Robin Yount bobblehead will lend a helping hand. Is there Babe Ruth memorabilia available in this set? Neither of us are sure, but I ain't lucky enough to get it.

Let's tear in.

After tearing off the hologram-enhanced plastic wrapper, the lid is removed. Robin doesn't quite seem to be himself. In fact, it looks like he's crying a little. What's wrong, Robin?

Oh, I see. It's your old pal Paul. And he's in a...GASP...Twins uniform. Is that the way he appears to you in your dreams? Of course not. Five hits in a World Series game or not, Upper Deck certainly did Molitor and his Milwaukee fans a measure of disrespect by putting him in a Minnesota shirt. That makes me cry a little bit, too, if that makes you feel better. Let's move past this, old friend. You can hold my hand if you'd like. Oh, your hands don't move from your hips. Let's just see who's next.

Jim Palmer, and a DiMaggio short print. Not too shabby. We shall press on.

Mmmmm, this may be the gem of the box, a blue Ryne Sandberg, numbered to 10. Not a Sandberg collector, so this will probably find its way to eBay. How do you feel about this card, Robin?

That's what I figured. We could have done a lot worse than that for our sequentially-numbered card. Who's next?

My, my...Steve Carlton game-used jersey. Looks like a Phillies jersey, but he's in a Giants shirt on the card. What's up with that? It's like requesting an issue of Green Lantern and getting a Guy Gardner issue instead of the classic Hal Jordan. (Sorry, last time I'll mix addictions here.) Plus the Brooks Robinson header card looks pretty sweet. Lots of orange.

Well, thanks for joining me Robin. These are the last two cards in the pack. On the right we have a great looking Stan Musial card. On the left, Wade Boggs, pictured the way he always wanted his fans to think of Yankee pinstripes? Sure, I realize that these cards depict personal milestones, none bigger than a World Series triumph. But shouldn't there be a footnote to the card caption, something like "as an afterthought" underneath "Wins Title With Yankees"? The guy's a Red Sock through and through. Where's the Devil Rays card? What do you think, Robin?

Oh, I guess you're tuckered out after all that action. Glad you found a suitable bed. But it's a little nippy out...aren't you going to be cold? Especially that exposed spring in your neck?

Good move, Mr. Yount. I'll rest easier knowing you found a blanket. Enjoy your slumber, sweet Robin. I'll leave the hall light on in case you have to go to the bathroom. Good night.

For more card commentary and Robin Yount appearances, check out my blog, Thorzul Will Rule.


--David said...

Hilarious post! Glad to see you aren't taking all this pack-busting too seriously! :-)

dayf said...

Awesome post! If you're going to open up one of those tins, you might as well make a production out of it! :)