Saturday, September 29, 2007

Toys R' Us Variety Box

This morning after coaching a 4th/5th grade soccer game, I headed out to Toys R' Us in search of some material for the blog. I'm excited to report that I did not come away disappointed. Actually, they had a very large selection of "Championship Collection" wax pack boxes.

Ten packs, ten bucks, plus a "Free Bonus in Every Box." Awesome, this will keep me going for the next few weeks. All I had to do was steer clear of the store's Geoffrey the Giraffe's Birthday Party Parade that commenced literally the very second I entered the establishment.

What you get from a box like this is a bunch of old wax that appears to be hot glued to central cardboard structure. Really, you have to yank pretty hard to remove each pack. Let's take a look at what else was inside.

Ooh, a Vince Carter Upper Deck mini-Card Clip, featuring his 2000-01 UD MVP card inside a clear plastic holder and attached to a key clip. The suggestions for use on the rear of the packaging is the best part, one of them being, "Hang it from a belt loop." Yes. I will do this.

Also inside were four clear-wrapped packs of either 1998 Score or 1997 Pinnacle Zenith baseball cards. These were all incredibly warped and stuck together. I'm having a hard time even considering them a vital part of the box, so I won't even list who I got here.

Shoot, I changed my mind. There were too many blasts form the past and players wearing unfamiliar uniforms not to comment.

Score Pack #1:
191 Shannon Stewart
169 Bobby Estrella
97 Bobby Bonilla
82 Ryan Klesko
117 Steve Finley

212 Fred McGriff (How can you argue with pulling a Crime Dog? Today is going to be a very pretty day!)
228 Chan Ho Park
74 David Ortiz (Sweet pull of an early card.)
190 Will Clark
49 Ken Caminiti (You can actually tell from his picture that his testicles have retracted several inches into his body cavity.)

Score Pack #2:
102 Brian Rose
157 John Smoltz
133 Rondell White
86 Robin Ventura
118 Jose Canseco (In a Blue Jays uni!)

263 Mike Piazza Spring Training (Looking like a Randy "Macho Man" Savage wannabe.)
265 Scott Rolen Spring Training
154 Shawn Estes (In what is apparently both halves of a Sportflics photograph.)
132 Bob Abreu (Bob?)
39 Larry Walker(Probably biggest stick in the game at time of printing.)

Zenith Pack #1:
6 Mike Piazza
8 Greg Maddux (I get a Maddux in every effing pack! Jiminy Christmas! What did I do to deserve this?)
27 Javier Lopez
38 Jay Buhner
29 Gary Sheffield

Zenith Pack #2:

20 Ken Griffey, Jr. (Awesome shot!)
2 Tony Gwynn (Classy pic for a classy guy.)
49 Scott Rolen
41 Mo Vaughn (What in the world happened to this guy? For a few years there, he could do no wrong. He would regularly hit 40-plus HRs, bat in a ton of runs, save kittens from trees, deliver babies for mothers stuck in elevators, and cure entire Third-World villages with some very strong medicine. Then...he was just gone.)
19 Roger Clemens (You heard it here first: He goes into the Hall as a Blue Jay.)

Not a bad way to kick off the box. Can't wait for the rest!


dayf said...

Dagnabbit, I've had an irrational urge to buy one of these repack boxes for a couple of weeks now and this isn't helping. Zenith packs as a bonus is awesome!

I love how the box states you saved $11. Adding up the original retail price of the packs showing in the photos, you got about 9 or 10 bucks there. Was the tenth pack Sweet Spot by any chance?

--David said...

Back when there actually WAS a TrU near us, I'd pick up one of these about once every 3-4 months. Now, the closest TrU is about 100 miles away... And, last time I looked, they didn't even HAVE the 10-for-$10's... Sucks to live rural... :-)

Thorzul said...

Actually, the only pack you can't see in the pics is 1990 Donruss. I apologize for the anticlimatic nature of this revelation.

dayf said...

I guess they added the original retail price of the Zenith packs in the total. And there's nothing anticlimactic about 1990 Donruss! :)