Saturday, September 08, 2007

2007 Topps Football Turn Back the Clock

I can't afford many more $5 packs if I'm going to keep up with a pack a day, so here's a nice anachronism from 1958 - a pack for 5 cents!

1 of 22 Brady Quinn
7 of 22 JaMarcus Russell
8 of 22 Calvin Johnson
9 of 22 Adrian Peterson
15 of 22 Marshawn Lynch
Ok, so there's not much suspense in opening this pack. No inserts, no mirrors, no relics or autos. Hell, no other cards besides these five. Still, who cares, you get five of the top rookies from the class of '07 for five cents! . So what if JaMarcus still hasn't signed yet. Five rooks for a nickel! Plus they are on the '58 Topps design which is much better than the regular '07 cards. A nickel is certainly worth the blurb on the back of Calvin Johnson's card.

Calvin found time to develop a low-cost solar powered sanitation system. He even made two trips to Bolivia to implement it as part of his coursework at Georgia Tech.
Two trips to Bolivia, that's dedication. One trip and he might have just been going along to hit on some chicks from La Paz and check out the Simon Bolivar museum, but two trips is serious business. The sanitation system might also help clean up some of the crap draft picks Matt Millen has dumped on the Lions' franchise. Hopefully Millen has all his scouts scouring the country for a quarterback named Hobbes. Who cares if he's any good or not, all their other quarterbacks have sucked anyway.

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