Friday, September 28, 2007

2005 Fleer Tradition MLB

Here's another Target discount pack, comin' at ya!

The wrapper is pretty much the best part of this set. Baseball was meant to be played by men in overcoats and work pants. This batter/catcher matchup clearly depicts a railroad foreman against a coal miner, both merely thirty minutes removed from their respective "offices." If only the cards inside were so cool.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
90 Marco Scutaro
38 Kenny Rogers
71 Brent Mayne
129 Khalil Greene
157 David Ortiz
109 Shawn Green
10 of 25 DT Greg Maddux Diamond Tribute
296 Miguel Tejada
275 Roberto Novoa
233 Reed Johnson

Actually, this isn't a horrible set. Had I been collecting cards back in 2005, I may have gone further into this set. The simple, stat-driven backs are alright. The front signatures are a bit too small. And there seems to be a bit of confusion about what constitutes a "typical background." Out of the nine base cards I received...

2 retro, monochrome backgrounds...

4 cloud backgrounds...

and 3 "natural" backgrounds.

This set suffers from multiple personality disorder. I'm left a little disappointed that I failed to snag a card featuring a man attempting to steal second while wearing a pea-coat. Maybe next time.


Adam Lisonbee said...

I like the retro background, and the natural one is fine... but clouds? Clouds? That is just odd.

--David said...

Someone at Fleer (were they with UD yet?) discovered an easy way to superimpose images in Photoshop. How, umm... retro?