Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Blaster Box Pack 3

Here's pack number three from my blaster box. When I bought it, the plan was to open the packs one by one in front of the computer as I typed the post each day. When I left the store I wasn't in the car five minutes before the shrink wrap was on the floor and I was halfway through the box. That's the way it goes...

-No.4- Adam Dunn
-No.88- Robinson Cano
-No.176- Magglio Ordonez
-No.103- Michael Barrett
-No.45- Hank Blalock
-No.17- Bobby Crosby
-No.110- Ray Durham
-No.134- Michael Cuddyer

No pitchers allowed in this pack. Stick Cuddyer in left and make Cano and Durham play rock-paper-scissors to see who ends up in center field and you have a pretty good lineup here. I can pick up the Cincinnati sports talk station on a clear night and it amazes me how much crap the callers give Adam Dunn. Dude's 27 and pushing 250 homers, cut him some slack. Who cares if he strikes out 200 times a year. Michael Barrett is the second player I've seen so far who is in their old uniform. I don't really mind since the set is done so well. It would be a shame to see a half-assed Padres uni stuck in at the last minute. I would like to see a Barrett boxing Sporting Royalty insert card for the smack he put on AJ Pierzynski though. Best card in the pack by far is Magglio. The man is a freakin' beast. It's too bad A-Rod's gone berzerk this year or he might have a shot at an MVP.

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