Sunday, September 09, 2007

1990 Fleer Baseball

I received this pack as an additional bonus to an item I had purchased on eBay. I can't remember what the item was, but WOW, was I overjoyed to receive this valuable treasure. The only words missing from the needlessly redundant sticker below were "FROM GOD."
All kidding aside, wouldn't it be better if banks gave away random packs of cards when opening checking accounts? I mean, who wouldn't like a pack of '91 Donruss (Series 2) instead of a set of steak knives or a toaster? The last time I opened a bank account, I got a George Foreman grill, and all it did was make my house smell like meat. Hasn't been used since.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
Fleer Action Series sticker - N.Y. Mets
557 Curt Ford (I always get this guy confused with the free agency guy [Curt Flood?])
78 John Cerutti

474 Jose Lind (For a split second I thought it might have been Bonds. Dang.)
379 Gene Larkin

90 Fleer All Star Team #1 Harold Baines (These were actually relatively tough to pull back in the day. Too bad I recently put this set together and had to buy this card.)
596 Mike Stanton
476 Gary Redus (Not Bonds either.)
508 Jay Buhner
264 Todd Worrell
531 Scott Fletcher

271 Roger Clemens (Alright, now we're talking!)
420 Ken Griffey...ahem...senior

358 Pascual Perez (HECK YES! The forecast of Pascual's curl: Partly cloudy with a 90% chance of juiciness.)
518 Randy Johnson (!)
60 Craig Lefferts

Grade: B+
This is really about the best you can expect from this set. An all star card, two future Hall of Famers, a dad of a future Hall of Famer, and one of the Perez brothers on an especially humid day. Life is good.

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Feldspar said...

Pascual Perez NEVER dissapoints!