Sunday, September 02, 2007

1989-90 NBA Hoops Series 1

OK, this is one of my favorite basketball card sets: an earlier set unmarred by inserts, flashy design, and subsets--sort of the anti-1993-94 Upper Deck. So when I ended up at Madison-Bouckville last summer, I found a full box for $10. A call-out on the side of the box actually highlighted the fact that coach cards were randomly inserted in packs, and they're not a subset or an insert, just cards of the head coaches around the league. Pretty fantastic.

Here's the breakdown, in order, from the first pack:

1. Michael Adams, Denver Nuggets
2. Greg Anderson, San Antonio Spurs
3. Willis Reed, NJ Nets (my first randomly-inserted coach card!)
4. Alton Lister, Supersonics
5. Jose Ortiz, Jazz
6. Greg Kite, Charlotte Hornets
7. Kenny Walker, Knicks
8. Larry Nance, All-Star
9. Mychal Thompson, LA Lakers
10. Frank Johnson, Rockets
11. Terry Catledge, Bullets
12. Dale Ellis, All-Star
13. Bob Hansen, Jazz
14. Rik Smits, Pacers
15. Spud Webb, Hawks (dunking)

Not a bad pack. No truly great players (except for Willis Reed), but Adams (scored 51 in a game and was drafted in the 3rd round), Smits, Webb, Sky Walker, and Thompson make it worthwhile, not to mention me-first Dale Ellis and the other half of one of the most even trades in the 1980s, Larry Nance (for Kevin Johnson, Suns-Cavs). But what really makes this a good pack is Jose Ortiz. I'm sorry, but who exactly is Jose Ortiz?


--David said...

This should be a fun spot! Before I even knew you two were doing this, I had just finished opening quite a few packs of cards (mixed sports) that I had received in a Tri-Star multi-sport box.

My most eye-opening card? How about a Fred (Mister) Rogers "Celebrity Captain card for the Penguins!? Talk about surreal...

Chris Harris said...

Wasn't Jose Ortiz that "can't miss" prospect the A's had a couple of years ago that, well, missed?

I distinctly remember paying $5 for his 2000 Topps Stars RC.