Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Blaster Box

Since Chris has Allen & Ginter nailed down, I figured I'd better step up to the plate and bust open a blaster box of 2007 Goudey. It might be the only Goudey I get too, because the US Mail returned my card for the Great Goudey Trade Away with 14 cents postage due despite the fact I went into the post office to get the thing weighed before I mailed it. Stupid lousy post office. On the bright side, now I get to look through my doubles for the 2003 Heritage Mariano Rivera card Ben needs for his set before mailing it off again tomorrow.

I'll start off the box with a two-fer Tuesday so I can get through this box in a week.

Pack 1

-No.5- Adrian Beltre
-No.126- Carlos Guillen
-No.150- Joe Crede
-No.203- Cal Ripken Jr. SP
-No.38- Eric Chavez
-No.10- Andy Pettitte
-No.105- Ryan Langerhans
-No.187- Jose Vidro

A Ripken short print starts this box off right. I'm still fuzzy on the insertion rates for the SP's in this product, so I'm wondering if this will be the lone SP in the box, or the first of many. The rest of the pack isn't bad either. Carlos Guillen has a far off contemplative look with clouds gently drifting in the background. Joe Crede's portrait has a nice '41 Play Ball feel to it. Andy Pettite has smoke floating through his ears. Finally, Ryan Langerhans got traded too late to change the uniform on his card so I technically got a Brave in this pack.

Pack 2

-No.89- Roy Halladay
-No.12- BJ Upton
-No.104- Ichiro
-No.128- Chien-Ming Wang
-No.94- Tom Glavine
-No.31- Darin Erstad
-No.107- Dan Uggla
-No.131- Austin Kearns

BJ Upton and my vintage "Buck" Jordan provide convincing photographic evidence that UD mined the Diamond Stars set for the backgrounds. Which is absolutely fine with me. They can copy it for the 2008 base set too, I wouldn't mind. If I can find an instance where they ganked a background from the Play Ball set I'll be sure to share.

Another great pack here, Roy Halladay and Ichiro give me Cy Young and MVP winners. Chien-Ming Wang has a halo effect behind his head, appropriate since he's the savior of the Yankees' staff. The red cards include an Erstad with an awesome Atari-2600 city in the background and Tom Glavine is a DIRTY ROTTEN TRAITOR YOU BROKE MY HEART YOU BASTARD pretty good pull as well. Did I mention I was a Braves fan?

Not a bad start so far. Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel for pack #3.

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