Sunday, September 09, 2007

2007 Topps Rack Pack

I loved when Topps brought back the Rack Pack. It brought back good memories of scrounging through '88 Topps racks in McCrory's looking for the good card through the cello wrapper. The vintage cards included were also fun. Where else do you have a chance to pull a Tom Paciorek card nowadays? This year though they got rid of the inserts and vintage cards and went real old school - the only inserts included in the racks was from a special set only found in rack packs. That seemed fair, that's how it was done in the olden days plus there was a pack available for anyone who only wanted the base cards and not a bunch of mirrors and goofy inserts. Since this is opening Sunday in the NFL, I snagged a Topps football rack to open while watching the games. Throughout the day I'll open one of the three mini packs while watching the games and post an update here.

Update 1: 1:23pm
Watching: Atlanta Falcons vs Minnesota Vikings

Well, one drive into the season and Harrington has already given up a pick returned for a touchdown. By a lineman, no less. Luckily, I have the Pats - Jets game as a backup if things get ugly. If they get really ugly, I might have to give up on football altogether and turn on the Braves - Nats game on TBS.

1 of 12 Drew Brees Topps All Pro
426 Vince Young Rookie of the Year
420 Devin Hester All Pro
81 Chester Taylor
164 Marques Colston
246 Roy Williams
310 Lorenzo Booker RC
352 Jamaal Anderson RC

Ok, this is just fucking lazy. The special rack pack insert is a "Topps All-Pro" team card that looks exactly like every other card in the set. Note to Topps: Taking the All-Pro subset card, slapping on a new logo and stamping "Topps" and "Team" on either side of the All-Pro does not an insert set make. It makes for lazy ass mailing it in bullshit cards. At least they bothered to change the photo on the card. This crap aside, at least the rest of the pack has a Vince Young and a couple of rookies.

I'll open up the middle pack after the kickoff of the 4:00 game assuming I haven't slashed my wrists by the 3rd quarter of the Falcons game.

Update 2: 4:33pm
Watching: Chicago Bears vs San Diego Chargers

Tony Gwynn was the guest analyst on the Braves broadcast, so bad baseball trumped awful football. Tom Brady scored over 30 points for me in my fantasy league and the end to the Packers - Eagles and Redskins - Dolphins games were good at least. Here's the middle pack.

5 Kyle Boller
167 Sinorice Moss
107 Travis Henry
126 Steve Smith
415 Drew Brees All Pro
Top of the Class Landfill Fodder
291 Trent Edwards RC
380 Jonathan Wade RC

Apparently this is the Drew Brees pack. If you met those two cards in a dark alley, could you tell who was the insert and who was the subset? The rest of the pack is pretty meh except for Steve Smith. The Moss was a cruel trick, I thought I got Randy, but instead got Sinorice.

The Bears - Chargers game is scoreless so far, so it might be time for a nap. I'll be back for the night game to open the last pack.

Update 3: 8:15pm
Watching: New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

The nap was a good idea on the Bears - Chargers snoozefest. If the Giants and Cowboys don't pick up the action I'm going to watch some real competition on Iron Chef America. Here's the last pack in the rack.

234 Charles Woodson
284 Steve Hutchinson
33 Aaron Brooks
193 Roscoe Parrish
271 Ernie Sims
Checklist 3 of 3
Turn Back the Clock crummy advertisement
351 Gaines Adams RC
304 Michael Bush RC

Well, Roscoe Parrish made the highlight reel with a 74 yard punt return, and the old school uni is pretty sweet. There's not much else here to redeem this pack though. Woodson's a Heisman winner I guess. Hutchinson's a good lineman. I better say something nice about Gaines Adams or he'll end up destroying the Falcons later in the season. Hrm, wait a minute... Hey Gaines, you suck! You couldn't sack the hell out of Joey Harrington if you tried! I dare you to knock the crap out of Joey! What? Harrington can't throw picks if he's on his ass... The absolute worst part of this pack is the checklist card. Not only do you get a lousy pack with a bullshit insert, but you get to see all the insert cards you didn't get. Ug.

Well that's it for the first (and last) Football rack pack I busted this year. Maybe I'll open some Pro Set instead for the Monday night games. Until then, Allez Cuisine!

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